As a recruitment organization, our success depends on bringing to you the right people at the right time and carrying through on our promise to deliver on a search completed.

“What” we do isn’t much different than what every one of our competitors is doing. However, “how” we do it is considerably different and herein lies the true value of our service. In order to appreciate the value inherent in “how” we do “what” we do, here are the first three steps we take in our process that centers around you.

In order to be of greatest value to our clients, we begin by taking stock of what it is we’re trying to accomplish before moving ahead.

The first step in our process is to clearly define with you, exactly what constitutes successful performance on the job. In specific terms, what must be accomplished through the open position? And, what outcomes must be produced in order to deliver the greatest value to your company? The second step of the process is to jointly identify with you the critical functions of the position and the performance standards that apply to those function. These would be functions that much be performed properly in order to achieved success on the job. Then, we move to the third step. We identify and jointly agree upon the specific job related, candidate selection criteria. By successfully completing these first three steps of the process we will have 1) Identified the outcomes that must be produced through the position 2) Define the critical functions that must be performed in order to produce the required outcomes and 3) Established job related selection criteria.

Here is an overview of our entire search process: